Success Stories

Extraordinary colleagues tell extraordinary success stories.

Stephan Meichle

Managing Director of RA Consulting GmbH

Due to his interest and expertise in database applications, Stephan took responsibility for new projects very early on.

Over the years, Stephan has become an essential part of RA and today works as a managing director alongside Armin and Andreas.

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Success Story Stephan Geschäftsführer

Kathrin Frank

Software engineer Research & Development at RA

Kathrin was already active as a student in many departments of RA and only came into contact with the Research and Development department as part of her master‘s thesis.

In retrospect, this was the right path, because with the experience gained in the other departments and her interest in AI as well as robotics, she is actively shaping the future of RA as part of the R&D team.

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Success Story Kathrin Frank Research & Development

Özlem Mirwald

Order processing at RA

With her many years of professional experience and expertise in the field of order processing, Özlem has been an asset to the RA team from the very beginning.

Her structured approach and eye for process optimziation guarantee that our customers experience of the ordering process here at RA is hassle-free.

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Success Story Özlem Mirwald order processing

Holger Kaufmann

Team leader Professional Services at RA

As an IT student with a focus on database-driven software systems, he made his way from working student through his diploma thesis to his first full time employment at RA.

Today he is professional services team leader, project manager and a mentor for working students. In doing so, he builds on trust before control and thus creates corresponding freedom for his colleagues.

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Sergej Stribuk

Product manager for DiagRA® LE and team leader for support

After studying mechanical and electronic mathematics, Sergej made his journey from Minsk to Germany to start his full-time job at RA.

Not only does he have a passion for programming, but he also has a deep understanding of our products. Our customers therefore greatly appreciate his professional expertise and solution-oriented approach.

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Advantages of being RA

  • Flexible working model

    We offer you a flexible working hours model that allows you to easily combine office and home office.

  • Pleasant working environment

    You can expect a pleasant working environment with us, which is ensured by height-adjustable tables, air conditioning and the appropriate technical equipment.

  • Possible additional services

    In addition to the company pension scheme, you have the option of a car as an additional salary component.

  • Sustainable Work-life balance

    Do you value a healthy balance between free time, family and work? The core of our corporate culture is sustainable working hours, whether you prefer full-time or part-time.

  • Trust and professionalism

    We are always trusting in our teamwork. We give you the freedom to act on your own initiative and responsibility.

  • Actively shaping the future

    Through our strong commitment to research projects, you have the opportunity to take on responsibility and actively shape the future of our changing industry.

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