Tailor the measurement and calibration (MC-) Server to your requirements. Compliant with international industry standards and protocols, you can easily read and write individual parameters, manage ECU pages and measure or record the values you need to see.

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Effortlessly measure and calibrate with multiple ECUs in parallel

The MC-Server is a self-contained set of platform-independent .NET libraries that makes it easy to work with multiple ECUs in parallel and manages communication with hardware. Export your measurement and calibration results in industry-standard formats (e.g. MDF, HEX, SREC, BLF, DCM) to enable easy interaction with other tools and libraries.

Key features

Import ECU description files (A2L and DBC)

All measurement and calibration labels and metadata can be viewed offline and saved in a database for reuse. Benefit from our experience gained from working with thousands of files from different tools, allowing us to identify and work with poorly formatted files and non-standard features.

Build a measurement System in runtime

Select from the available devices, hardware interfaces and protocols to communicate with ECUs. Components can be added in runtime to measure different combinations of values at the rates provided by the ECU or to define triggers for event-based measurement. Results can be buffered in memory for display or recorded in MDF.

Protocol-independent calibration

Manage ECU states and unlocking via seed&key DLLs, upload and download to selected ECU memory pages, check for compatibility errors, perform checksums, flash segments, read and write individual labels: all this without needing to know the details of the XCP and CCP protocols. Calibration data can also be imported from or exported to DCM or HEX/S19 files for use in other applications.

Additional features

Performant cross-platform functionality

Available for .NET Framework and .NET Standard, compatible with the latest .NET SDKs. Can be used on Windows or Linux platforms.


Virtual Variables

Define and measure virtual variables (AKA calculated signals) based on reusable formulae and inputs from multiple devices. Values can be calculated on demand, measured using the rasters of the inputs or resampled to meet your needs.


Schedule CAN frames

Define and edit CAN and CAN-FD frames to send directly on the bus, either on demand or on scheduled rasters. Using the definitions given in a CAN-DBC file, the values of individual signals in the CAN frames can be interpreted and freely adjusted.


Seamless integration and simulation

Fully customizable logging, including protocol level command logs for XCP and CCP. All online functions can be used with a built-in simulation for testing or demonstration when ECU and measurement hardware is not available.

Advanced Features

A vast number of advanced features are provided as standard including: Flashing via XCP/CCP protocols
unlocking ECUs via seed&key, linear interpolation of multidimensional characteristics, support for 32 bit CAN interface drivers in a 64 bit application.

Validation and Error Tolerance

Whether you are working with production-quality hardware or developing prototypes, a wealth of advanced settings to fine-tune the MC Server and tolerate common errors are provided. Input files and ECU data can be validated to generate detailed warnings to help identify faults.


Target frameworks
.NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1
Windows and Linux
ASAM Standard
Core functionality based on ASAM MCD3-MC 3.0.0 standard.

Description file formats

MCD2-MC (A2L, formally ASAP-2) versions 1.31-1.70
Supported Protocols

XCP on Ethernet (UDP/IP and TCP/IP)
XCP on SxI (serial)
NMEA (serial)
Windows Location Provider (.NET Framework only)
CAN and CAN-FD bus logging
Export file formatsASAM MDF 4.x
Binary Logging Format (BLF) V1.44
DCM 2.x
Supported CAN driversJ2534-2 (PassThru)
Vector XL
Actia I+ME

Also available

Tiny CalibRAtor

Standalone, licensed client application for the MC Server to test connectivity and features.

MC Project

Create an MC project and connect to an ECU.

Measurement and Calibration

Select labels for calibration or measurement.

Page management

Manage pages and download to or upload from the ECU memory.

Export / Import

Import or export HEX/S19 files and compare their contents or import/export values from DCM.


Perform XCP and CCP flashing.

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