A2L files are a key part of MC systems. Integrating support for these files in your software is easy thanks to our robust, standard-compliant component.

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Use A2L files in the most performant and comfortable way

The A2L Parser component reads and analyzes A2L files, using heavily tested code fully compatible with the ASAM MCD-2 MC standard. Using A2L files in your software has never been faster and easier.

Key features

Read and parse A2L files

Get access to all the contents of the A2L file in a structured way. The API does all the heavy lifting and takes care of all the quirks so that you can focus on the data.

A2ML support is also included

Many A2L files have valuable data embedded in IF_DATA blocks. Our API reads and parses selected IF_DATA blocks and hands over the structured contents.

Editable backend

Modify A2L structures using the API and write back a well-formed A2L file.

Additional features

End-user friendly

Warnings and errors can be translated into multiple languages and they include contextual information to find the root cause of the problem.

Full support of /include

Do you need to ignore includes? Resolve them from the same folder? Or from a different folder? Maybe from a database or a remote system? The include resolution API is completely flexible.


Cache the A2L parsed data in a database. After restarting the program, load the A2L data quickly without having to reparse the file.

Heavily tested

There are over 23.000 unit tests in place and we have sucessfully tested it against thousands of A2L files. This library is a core component for our own commercial products.


ASAM StandardFully compatible with ASAM MCD-2 MC 1.31 through 1.71
Relaxed parsing to accommodate non-standard features used in real files that deviate from the standards.
A2MLOut-of-the-box support for CCP 2.6, ETK/XETK 1.0.0 through 2.7.0, MCMESS 19970829 and XCP/XCPplus 1.5.
Other structures can be added on demand.
BackendIn-memory storage backend available for all platforms.
SQLite backend available for .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Standard 2.0+.
Editable backend available for .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Standard 2.0+.

Also available:


A licensed, standalone tool for everything related to A2L.

Analyze and validate A2L files with a very easy-to-use, step-by-step wizard.

Perform over 35+ tests on various aspects of the A2L file and data – encoding issues, missing references, incoherent data, and much more!

Always improving: we use all feedback to add new comprehensive tests into the tool.

Get an easy-to-read report with the analysis report.

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