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Andreas Hege (Chief Operating Officer)

Diagnostic components

Our DiagRA® Embedded Component and ODX API components support you in your daily diagnostic activities. The ODX API library has been used for years for various RA products and customer-specific applications for reading and analyzing ODX data. This is fully compliant with the ASAM MCD-2 D standard (ISO 22901-1:2008). Take full advantage of our diagnostic applications, which are used by leading automotive manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide.

RA Consulting Diagnosekomponenten

The right diagnostics components for you:

ODX API, DiagRA® Embedded Component

Measurement components

Our MC Server provides an extensive API for measuring. Create a measurement system at runtime with the MC Server. The MA API gives you access to many functions for reading and writing measurement files in MDF format. Define custom channels based on specified formulas and input channels from multiple files. As a component library, the A2L Parser reads and parses A2L files. It is fully compatible with the ASAM MCD-2 MC standard.

RA Consulting Messkomponenten

The right measurement components for you:

MC Server, A2L Parser, MA API

Calibration components

Our MC Server component facilitates parallel work with multiple control units and manages hardware communication. Create your own calibration tool according to the ASAM MCD3 standard. Perform complex calibration tasks easily and efficiently. Use the robust error detection of our A2L parser.

The right calibration components for you:

MC Server, A2L Parser


Simulation components

In the area of simulation, various OpenX standards for the description of traffic infrastructures (ASAM OpenDRIVE) and driving situations (ASAM OpenSCEANRIO) established. ASAM OpenSCENARIO is an XML-based standard used to describe traffic situations in ADAS development. Use our library to read and validate ASAM OpenSCENARIO formats.

RA Consulting Simulationskomponenten

The right simulation components for you:



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