Analyze and extract data and metadata from MDF measurement files with our efficient and easy-to-use Measurement Analysis (MA) component library.

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Compatible with all released versions of the ASAM Measurement Data Format (MDF) standard

The MA-API is a self-contained set of platform-independent .NET libraries that are fully compatible with all released versions of the ASAM Measurement Data Format (MDF) standard up to MDF 4.2. Without having to know the detailed structure of the underlying file, you can easily access all channels, channel groups, source information and events. Multiple files can be loaded simultaneously, and data for any combination of channels is efficiently provided on demand.

Key features

Simple, unified API

Regardless of the file version, the key information contained in the MDF file is parsed and made available through a common API. You can easily search for events, channels, channel groups, and sources, and access key metadata such as names, comments, units, precision, and grids. Information about the file itself (e.g., comments, author and tool information, and file history) is available, as are parser warnings.

Flexible, powerful access

All time-based numeric and string channels in all MDF versions are supported. Raw and physical (converted) values are available. Channel data can be cached for powerful analysis and accessed in a variety of ways depending on the caller’s needs, including: Individual channel values by timestamp or index, channel and channel group ranges, and basic channel statistics.

Restructuring MDF files

MDF supports a variety of write styles, some of which are optimized for performant reading and some for performant writing. Files whose data is stored in an inefficient manner can be restructured to create a new MDF file that is readable by any tool. For example, compressed data can be unpacked or unsorted files can be sorted.

Additional features


Available for .NET Framework and .NET Standard, compatible with the latest .NET SDKs. Can be used on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Custom Channels

Combine channels from multiple files with user-defined formulas to create custom channels. In addition, complex formula types such as integral and gradient are available.


Multiple files

Multiple MDF files can be loaded at once. Measurement data from channels in different channel groups and files can be requested with a single method call. Users can also specify an offset to shift the timestamps of measurements in different files relative to each other.


Seamless integration

Fully customizable logging and different licensing models available (embedding in a host application or using a single license).


Validation and warnings

Files can be validated against the MDF standard. All parsing errors and their severity are indicated with full details of the source in the underlying file.


Error tolerance

Advanced settings for MA system configuration and tolerance to common errors are available. Benefit from our experience working with thousands of measurement files from different tools, which allows us to identify and handle non-standard features.



Target framework.NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1
PlatformsWindows and Linux
ASAM MDF Versions
MDF 2.03 – MDF 4.2.0

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