DiagRA® X

The right solution for measurement and calibration.

DiagRA® X

The right solution for measurement and calibration.

DiagRA® X

DiagRA® X is a software that combines calibration on and in the vehicle with a user-friendly design. A vehicle calibration at the highest level can be carried out with just a few clicks.

DiagRA® X was developed by experts in cooperation with expert users, making it a full-fledged alternative to industry-standard tools. Whether used by a single user in the field or collaboratively in the workspace, DiagRA® X adapts to your respective needs and enables you to use your time more efficiently.

DiagRA X product box

Learn the basics with our entry-level tutorial on DiagRA® X. The following topics are covered:

  • Create a workspace with a control unit
  • Create an experiment with worksheets for measurement and calibration
  • Perform an engineering cycle including a recording, a parameter adjustment and a flash operation
  • Brief overview of further features for measuring, adjusting and flashing

Introducing: A Modern Measuring Tool

The concept of DiagRA® X was developed to save time and enables you to quickly set up a work environment and the associated experiments. With the optimized user interface, you can easily create new worksheets or reuse existing ones.

The extensive settings in DiagRA® X are flexible and don’t restrict usability. You always have all the data you need at a glance – and clearly in one place. No other tool offers you this user-centric approach to data visualization.

Visualize Measurement Data

Understand your data faster and easier than ever with an intuitive tile layout and advanced visualizers.


Record Measurement Data
Record Measurement Data

Data recordings in MDF 4.0 format enable precise analysis of measurement data at a later stage (e.g. with the included DiagRA® X Viewer Pro).

Bus Stimulation

Define virtual messages and send them on demand or cyclically on a CAN bus.

Variable Monitor
Variable Monitor

The variable monitor lets you view and assign variables at any time.

Event-Controlled Actions
Event-Controlled Actions

Recordings can be started automatically using predefined, complex trigger conditions.


Support for interfaces from different manufacturers with integrated and partially automated configuration of measuring devices.

Calculated Signals
Calculated Signals

Easily calculate new values from all selectable variables for different measurement data.

MDF Markers

Add an MDF marker to a recording at any time to quickly find that situation later again.

High-Speed Data Recording
High-Speed Data Recording

DiagRA® X supports the latest protocols and techniques for high-speed data recording.

DiagRA-X Teaser

Calibration in DiagRA® X

Convenient adjustment of data is uncomplicated and easy with DiagRA® X. As with the measurement functions, all adjustment functions are developed according to the requirements of the user and optimized for their workflow. Calibration engineers can work with the ECU data in a familiar form. The different views of characteristic curves and maps let you adjust the values from every perspective.

Calibrate Maps
Calibrate Maps

Smartly linked visualizers allow maps to be understood and calibrated more efficiently.



DiagRA® X offers an extensive flash function for many control devices.

Binary Data Synchronization
Binary Data Synchronization

The binary data manager enables you to switch between the working and reference pages and to manage the memory pages.

Calibrate Scalars

Keep control and adjust many parameters at the same time with the calibration table.


Compare Pages
Compare Pages

Easy comparison of parameters on different memory pages, as well as import and export of DCM files.


DiagRA X Hex-Tools

Read raw data directly from the control unit via Memory Dump and automatically validate it according to your requirement documents using the Hex Comparison.


Functional Safety

DiagRA® X is certified according to ISO-26262 (Road Safety). FMEAs and advanced QA methods ensure a high degree of functional safety.



DiagRA® X supports measurement, calibration and flashing of XETKs and FETKs as XCPonETH devices, including ACC, SWC and Seed & Key protection methods.


Remote Control

Using the ASAP 3 interface, test bench systems can carry out measurement and calibration operations via DiagRA X.


DiagRA-X Feature

DiagRA® X Viewer – The analysis tool for time-efficient post processing.

With the DiagRA® X Viewer you can analyze your measurement data offline, conveniently from your desk. The measured and recorded data can be opened directly in the DiagRA® X Viewer or loaded from an MDF file.

Offline Analysis
Offline Analysis

All measurement data can be loaded from an MDF file and analyzed without connecting to a measuring device.

Data Evaluation In Visualizers
Data Evaluation in Visualizers

Evaluate measurment data with the DiagRA® X visualizers.

Variable Management
Variable Management

The variables in the MDF file can be managed the
same way as in DiagRA® X.

Selective Export
Selective Export

Selectively exporting part of a measurement you can concentrate on what’s relevant.

DiagRA X Viewer Pro
Viewer Pro with Virtual Variables

Define virtual variables even afterwards during the analysis
of your recordings.

Data exchange with DiagRA X
Data Exchange with DiagRA® X

Save time and import worksheets incl. variable assignments
directly from DiagRA® X.

DiagRA® X supports

HardwareControl Units, Measuring Devices, GPS Devices, CAN Networks
File FormatsA2L, DBC, HEX/S19, DCM, MDF (4.x), BLF, LAB
InterfacesVector, Kvaser, Intrepid Control Systems, ACTIA I+ME, Pass-Thru, etc.

DiagRA® X

DiagRA® X
DiagRA® X

The measurement and calibration software for development engineers with a modern operating concept that enables the user to work efficiently and comfortably. The package contains the DiagRA® X Viewer, with which measurement data analyzes can be carried out offline.

Technical specification

HardwareControl units, measurement devices, GPS devices, CAN networks
File FormatsA2L, DBC, HEX/S19, DCM, MDF (4.x), BLF, LAB
InterfacesVector, Kvaser, Intrepid Control Systems, ACTIA I+M;E, Pass-Thru, etc.
System Requirements (minimal)Windows 10 or later (64-bit), .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 or later
Quad-Core Processor Intel Core i5
Graphic card with DirectX 11
1366 x 768
20 GB disk space
System Requirements (recommended)Windows 10 or later (64-bit), .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 or later
Quad-Core Processor Intel Core i7
Graphic card with DirectX 11
1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
>20 GB disk space

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DiagRA® X User Manual

DiagRA® X – Introduction, setup & first engineering cycle

DiagRA® X – How to perform bus stimulation

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