DiagRA® Embedded Component

Create a solution designed according to your ideas with us or use our libraries in your own diagnostic application. DiagRA® Embedded offers a complete diagnostic stack as well as ECU flashing on Windows and embedded Linux devices.

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Conceivably simple creation of your own diagnostic applications

Our DiagRA® embedded library makes it easy for you to integrate ready-made solutions or create your own diagnostic applications. We support diagnostics and flashing on Intel-bit 64-bit ARM and Intel-based processor architectures. As a component library, DiagRA® embedded offers a C / C++, REST and SOAP interface.

Key features

Broad support of diagnostic and transport protocols

ISO 14229 (UDS), ISO 27145, SAE J1939, SAE J1979, OBDII and WWH-OBD. Supports the transport protocols CAN, CAN-FD, DoIP.

Ranging from detailed to solution-oriented

If you work very close to the diagnostic protocols like UDS, then our API offers you the possibility to determine the diagnostic events down to the transport level. If you prefer a use-case-oriented approach such as “parallel flashing”, then our interface offers you a service-oriented approach that encapsulates the diagnostic functionality where the details remain hidden under the cover.

Fast access through diverse connectivity

You can bind our library at compile time or use our REST API with Python, Java Script and other programming languages. This is how we support diagnostic functionality from rapid prototyping to a robust telematics application running in the vehicle.


Additional features


Use our standalone server to conveniently perform remote diagnostics and remote flashing.

Supports standard web services

Take advantage of our support for standard web services such as REST and SOAP APIs to seamlessly integrate with your existing system environment.

Low memory requirements

Experience a resource-efficient application with a low memory footprint of under 100 MB for disk usage and under 50 MB for memory usage.


PlatformsRuns on lightweight 32/64-bit Windows and Linux hardware
InteroperabilityC/C++-API, ReST- and SOAP-APIs
Flashing control unitsSupported flash containers: hex/S19, pdx/odx
StandardsISO 14229 (UDS), ISO 27145, SAE J1979, SAE J1939

Also available

Standalone Flash Station for Windows

Flashing multiple control units

DiagRA® Flash Station enables parallel flashing of 20 control units.

Different operating modes

DiagRA® Flash Station offers a Basic and Advanced mode.

Flash UDS, CAN FD and DoIP

DiagRA Flash Station is suitable for flash programming via UDS on CAN, CAN FD and DoIP.

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