’’With us, you don’t just buy a product…

… but a promise of reliability, professionalism and customer satisfaction.”

Peter Stoß (Director Automotive Products)

’’With us, you don’t just buy a product…

… but a promise of reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.”

Peter Stoß (Director Automotive Products)


Our products DiagRA® D, Silver Scan-Tool ™, RA® ODX-Viewer, DiagRA® Embedded, DiagRA® S and DiagRA® LE support you in your daily diagnostic tasks. Working with our diagnostic solutions simplifies your workflow while increasing efficiency at the same time. Take full advantage of our diagnostic applications, which are used by leading automotive manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide.



The measurement option of DiagRA® X is a comprehensive and very efficient measurement tool for recording and analyzing measurements of all kinds. The software combines highly developed measurement and recording functions with the advantages of a very fast and easily understandable user interface. DiagRA® X Viewer Pro combines sophisticated visualizers for clear data representation, intuitive user interfaces and a range of functionalities for excellent data analysis.



Our products in the field of measurement:

DiagRA® X, DiagRA® X Viewer Pro


With DiagRA® X you can carry out complex calibration tasks easily and efficiently. A modern user interface and a clear and simple program configuration make it easy for you to get started with our calibration software. Always calibrate with the latest ASAM and ISO standards or use the ASAP3 remote control for your test benches and automation systems. IAV Macara provides you with a complete package for processing, validating and visualizing application parameters.


Our products in the field of calibration:
DiagRA® X, IAV Macara


Whether control units have to be flashed in the workspace or on test drives is dependent on the use case. Our products give you the right tool to get the job done anywhere.

Our products used for flashing:

DiagRA® D, DiagRA® Flash Station, DiagRA® LE

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