DiagRA® X 1.10

Next Generation Measurement and Calibration Tool

DiagRA® X is an efficient, intuitive and powerful Windows software that provides a comprehensive solution for measurement tasks and calibration of electronic control units.

DiagRA® X is a fully integrated tool, providing, Fast Measurement, Smart Calibration, Flash Programming and Compact Calibration Data Management.

DiagRA® X is developed in compliance with ASAM standards and functional safety is ensured in accordance with ISO 26262.

DiagRA® X supports industry standard protocols and file formats.

  • Protocols: CAN, CAN FD, CCP, XCP on CAN/Ethernet, GPS, ASAP3
  • File formats: .A2L, .DBC, .HEX/S19, .DCM, .MDF4.x, .LAB many more…

DiagRA® X is compatible with a wide range of third-party interface hardware such as Kvaser, Intrepid, I+ME Actia, PassThru and many others. Very often customers can continue to use their existing interface hardware with DiagRA® X.

DiagRA® X is a user-friendly tool with a user interface based on a grid layout that can be highly customized to the user’s needs, e.g. with optimal display colors in a dark and a light display mode, multiple languages (EN, DE and CN), configurable visualizations and system settings tailored to the use cases.
An integrated data base management system provides smart and sparkling management of configurations.

What’s new in DiagRA® X Version 1.10?

  • Extended Virtual variables with extensive range of library functions
  • Modern development environment for virtual variables
  • Improved performance, fault tolerance and robustness
  • Revised user interfaces

Fast Measurement

  • Plug and Play source connectivity and instant data visualization
  • A modern and user-friendly way to organize your data
  • Rich set of configurable visualizers (Oscilloscope, Icons, Gauges, Tables…)
  • Multiple event-driven recorders that operate independently of each other
  • Live statistical analysis in oscilloscopes
  • High measurement data throughput (100 kHz)

Smart Calibration

  • Real time controller calibration
  • Integrated ASAP3 client for connectivity to automation/testbench systems
  • Smart and safe calibration visualizers (3D, 2D, Tables)
  • Graphical adjustment in the section views
  • Supports multiple working datasets

Flash Programming

  • ECU flash programming via CCP and XCP
  • Configurable UDS flash process with an additional included software

Compact Calibration Data Management

  • Easy-to-use onboard calibration data manager
  • Live comparison of calibration data and display of changes
  • Import and export of calibration data sets
  • Supports hex, s19 and dcm file formats

Powerful Data Analysis with DiagRA® X Viewer

  • DiagRA® X Viewer is a powerful data analysis tool included in the DiagRA® X license
  • DiagRA® X Viewer offers well defined and reusable configurations
  • New: Extended Virtual variables with extensive range of library functions
  • Swift analytical functions, multiple cursor types, event indications
  • Supports .MDF4.x, .MDF3.x, .dat, .csv, .lab, .xlsx, .txt file formats

Extended Virtual Variables in DiagRA X 1.10 with library functions, smart suggestion box.  

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