OBD Symposium in Prague

After a longer break, the OBD Symposium Europe will again take place as an on-site event this year from March 14-16. The symposium is an important opportunity to update knowledge around OBD standardization and a place for intensive exchange for all participants from the automotive industry. Our products Silver Scan-Tool, DiagRA® D and DiagRA® S are important OBD test and simulation tools used in automotive development.

RA Consulting therefore participates in the symposium both as a participant and as an exhibitor in order to be brought up to date regarding the latest developments. In addition to the well-known products, we will present our new software Silver Snap-Tool. This solution is the only tool authorized by CARB to support the California Heavy Duty Inspection and Maintenance Programms (HD/IM) and is suitable for transmitting OBD data from any truck built in 2013 and later to CARB.

This data transmission is encrypted and secured via a cloud service application created by RAC. In the current Phase 1 of the program, this transmission can be used as an alternative to emissions testing. Identified, so-called high-emitters are required to carry out a transmission of OBD data in addition to the exhaust gas test after the repair has been carried out on the exhaust system.

Interested parties, as well as active users, are cordially invited to contact us at our exhibition booth and ask questions or provide information on functionalities that will be required in the future. You are welcome to contact us in advance. Please email us at info@rac.de.

For more information about the conference, please visit the following link: https://www.sae.org/attend/obd-europe