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RAź is able to offer a widespread portfolio of technologies in the area of software development and professional IT services. Our special knowlege of diagnostics is often the focus for automotive IT projects.

During the planning phase of each project, we define the functional and technical framework for the delivery of IT projects, at a fixed price, together in agreement with the customer.

During the realization phase of projects, we make use of our diversified technology portfolio. For the implementation of large scale integration projects and corporate solutions, we utilize a reliable Java Server implementation based on Java Enterprise Middleware combined with a database management system. More than 20 years of experience as an Oracle partner enable us to make use of the many special advantages of the Oracle database portfolio. For our product development we use .NET and Android technologies. For telematics mainly Linux systems are used.

When working on application servers we adjust to the existing conditions on the customer's side Completely. The industry's common Java Enterprise Environment middleware products are well known to us. Examples of finished projects include IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic (now Oracle), JBoss,  Apache Tomcat and Apache Geronimo.

RAź is specialized in big integration projects among which the use of messaging systems like MSMQ and MQSeries for the asynchronous exchange of messages is required.

When developing user applications we prefer, depending on the target group, either Rich Client solutions or browser-based web applications. In some of the projects we have realized in the past we used Rich Clients as well as Web Clients depending on the use case.