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DiagRA-LE Limited Edition

DiagRAź-LE extends our product portfolio to include a diagnostics tool which can be customized specifically to customer needs and individual use cases. The tool can be configured from minimal functionality up to unlimited and full capacity. Depending on the selected functions the tool can be perfectly tailored to the needs of different user groups like e.g. development, quality assurance, production or customer support. The functionality can be simplified to a point where a version can be handed out to end customers. The tool can be adjusted depending on knowledge and security clearance of the user, so functions can be limited from flash programming down to read only of diagnostic data.

The tool uses two different modes, called automatic and analysis:

When automatic is enabled the tool is able to perform predefined routines and tasks. This could include reading out ECU identifications of all ECUs inside a vehicle and storage of all present fault codes. For the definition of these routines, the use of a scripting language is supported. Each of these predefined routines can be started with the click of a single button.

Using analysis mode the user is able to perform the tasks and utilize functions which are available in his version of the tool.

The user interface is designed to be easily usable even with touchscreen monitors especially for the use in the production or in garages. Each diagnostic function can be enhanced with individual documentation like diagnostic guides or data sheets attached that can be included in the setup.

Different configurations for different vehicles, engine types, platforms or even other functional groups using their own ECU are possible. However, please keep in mind that this requires diagnostics support of the relevant ECU.

DiagRAź-LE is intended for with special purpose vehicles, municipal vehicles, industrial and marine motors, block-heating power plants, recreational vehicles, race teams etc.

DiagRAź-LE is optionally available with a build tool which can be operated by a tool administrator. He can define the limitations of every software setup individually for every user.

These Limitations can be Preconfigured:

  • single vehicle identification numbers (VIN)
  • single controllers, e.g. for the use only with engine controllers
  • defined functional range
  • defined communication interfaces
  • language options
  • available documents