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Most of autmotive file formats are essentially text files. Even though they contain all the information sometimes it is irritating to read them. More and more file formats are based on XML. Well-structured data but not easily readable. For any given file format DiagRA-FX is able to provide plugins for visual viewers with syntax highlighting, structured outline views and html rendering of the content. The user can easily jump into the files and gets a quick dimension of its content. Failure markers or bookmarks round up displaying the files smartly.

Dealing with a large amount of files and providing quick access to each of them needs a search mechanism beyond "find" or "find in files" (Which is also provided by DiagRA-FX What you really need is a filter mechanism that has access to the files' semantic.  Most files hide a lot of meta data like creation date, tested vehicle etc. in their content. Basic filter are extracting these information from a file allowing the user to filter for these meta-data. Beyond these basic filtering, more complex filters can be added using the DiagRA-FX plugin interface.

No matter whether you want to observe test trends or just compare the semantic content of multiple files. Copying sections, paste them in excel tables etc is not an effective analysis of your test data. You need analysis tools to do it for you. DiagRAź Fx provides you  the tools  to give you quick and sharp reports over multiple files. Moreover, customer specific reports can be added quickly in a plugin based manner.