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DiagRAź-EOL is a system for the automatic initiation of cars on the assembly line and at refinishing stations. Depending on the parts list a corresponding set-up procedure has to be carried out. These individually designed procedures are assembled by a configurator for each vehicle. In the end a final set-up is performed, programming the control units. The system is based on our  time-proven diagnostics tool DiagRAź D. The setup procedures are script files which DiagRAź-EOL uses for automatic operation but manual input is also possible. These scripts can be encrypted to provide additional security if the tool is used for service centers changing ECUs.

As the software is based on DiagRAź D diagnostic functions are also available. The diagnostic data written in files and automatically generated logfiles allow reconstruction of all performed operations. The customer can build an archive and support the communication in the production process or in the aftersales area. All scripts and protocols can be stored in the associated Oracle database application. Through other modules functions for reporting and process controlling and third-party systems can be integrated while maintaining data security.

Script controlling using DiagRAź-EOL is efficiently adaptable to different environments. Adaptions and extensions can be made by trained engineers of the company using DiagRAź-EOL.