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Cluster electromobility South West

Elise – Standalone Charging Unit
and System-Integrated Data
Gateway for Electric Vehicles
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RAź has achieved continuous and stable growth during the last 25 years.

The RAź management believes in mutual benefits for all parties involved in any kind of business deal. This mindset has created strong relationships based on trust with our major customers and has given RAź the reputation of being a reliable partner.

The RAź shareholders take their responsibility for their employees very serious and therefore consider the health and well being of the company as more important than the potential benefits of highly risky ventures. This way of doing business also benefits our customers. By reducing entrepreneurial risk we can ensure that support and maintenance for our products is continually secured.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of users outside of Europe, we have started to expand our business overseas. We consider Asia, and especially China, as markets with large potential. Local subsidiaries of international OEMs and an increasing number of Chinese OEMs need diagnostic tools and knowledge. We are able to offer competitive prices as a result of our way of running our business. Our administration and sales departments are structured very efficiently which helps us save costs and offer economical prices to our customers. This adds another advantage to our products in highly cost-aware markets and makes them great alternatives to other existing software tools.

At RAź we believe in value for money and lasting business relationships. This has been our strategy in the past and will continue to be our strategy in the future.