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First Release of DiagRA X released

Recently the first release (1.1.0) of our new DiagRA® X software package has been released and is being distributed to selected and interested users.

DiagRA® X M offers measurement functions, especially geared towards the measurement modules of CSM (CAN MiniModules on CAN and ECAT MiniModules through the XCP on Ethernet gateway). In addition, signals defined through a CANdbc file can be gathered directly from the CAN bus. To connect to the CAN Bus  a constantly growing number of common interface hardware is supported.

The user interface and control concept was developed from scratch based on interviews and studies with future users.

Data recording options range from simple manual recordings to complex, configurable trigger functions with multiple recorders and triggers. All data is recorded as MDF 4.0.

DiagRA® X also includes the DiagRA® X Viewer, which enables the users to load recordings and perform an initial analysis. Multiple analysis tools are available. The DiagRA® X Viewer is also based on the new user interface and control concept.

Automotive Ethernet enables high data rates, which require additional functions for the reliable use of measurement systems like DiagRA® X M. CPU load, memory usage and the utilization of the individual drives are displayed within DiagRA® X.

Upon launch DiagRA® X will be available in English, German and Chinese.

Calibration options using CCP will follow in April of 2017 making the first stage of DiagRA® X C available. Other important functions such as calibration using XCP on Ethernet will be made available.

Please contact us if you are interested in our new tool to discuss how we can get you started.

Further information is available here.