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DaaS – Diagnostics-as-a-Service

Connected. Anywhere. Anytime.

Currently vehicles on the road are only beeing diagnosed as part of a required inspection or if the driver suspects something to be wrong and therefore takes the car into a service station. One major setback in terms of environmental protection and vehicle saftey is the fact that vehicles can stay on the roads even if there is something wrong and do not necessarily have to be taken to a workshop. This can lead to increased damages on the vehicle, impairment of the vehicles safety and increased emissions over time.

A complete inspection as required by the government is only done within the scope of the required emission inspection every two years. But this inspection only represents a mere snapshot of the current vehicle status as the vehicles are beeing maintained just before the testing and therefore give no information about the vehicle status during the past two years.

In the meantime saftey issues stay mostly undiscovered until the next inspection and therefore present a hazard to the vehicle driver and other traffic participants. Continuous vehicle diagnostics during the everyday use of the vehicle help to have a complete overview about the status of the vehicle over its lifetime. Problems are being detected much faster and can therefore be fixed in a timely manner.

For this reason, RAź is developing a service which allows to collect diagnostics data in a comfortable, easy and cost efficient way from any vehicle, no matter where it is located and without the need of an engineer having access to the vehicle.

Using a browser based online platform diagnostic jobs can be defined and send to an OnBoard Unit (OBU) installed in a vehicle. This OBU then collects diagnostics data in a predefined pattern (e.g. once per driving cycle) and sends it back to the server for further processing. The customer now can access the data online in his own account in the portal and has in this way a continuous overview about the status of the vehicle.

If the data transmitted by the OBU back to the server contains hints about a problem in the vehicle (Fault Codes, DTC) Diagnostics-as-a-Service gives you the option to open a direct and secure communications channel to the vehicle through which you can directly access data from the vehicle synchronuosly. The customer is able to look at the data either online or inside the proven RAź Silver Scan-Tool™.

As a standardised access to diagnostics data we use the OBDII and EOBD information. But DaaS can also be integrated into our DiagRAź MCD Toolset. In this way diagnostics can also be done using the OEM specific diagnostics information like for example ODX data. But this will only be implemented in cooperation with an OEM or with an OEMs permission.

All the necessary steps like configuration, data transmission and administration will be offered by RAź as a cost efficient service. The customer can now focus only on the diagnostics data and does not have to worry about the access to this data anymore.

Additionally RAź will develop based on the described technology different service packages like fuel consumption analysis or driver profiles and offer them at a low fixed price. These services are not only targeted at private vehicle owners but especially at companies and development departments that would like to keep an eye on their fleets. Additional applications and reports can be individually generated by RAź according to customer requirements.

The afford mentioned OBU is a telematics unit with an embedded operating system on which our diagnostics application DiagRAź-Embedded is deployed. Besides the OBU of our subsidiary enterprise CML other technically suitable OBUs can be used as well. They are connected to the vehicle bus via the standardized OBD plug. An intervention into the vehicle is therefore not required or necessary.