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Silver Scan-Tool 6.28.37
DiagRA D 6.28.37
DiagRA MC 3.28.37
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DiagRA M

Data Sheet


DiagRA® M is the measurement option of the DiagRA® MCD Toolset. Using DiagRA® M you can acquire the state variables for a vehicle from ECUs and measurement devices and display them both online, graphically and numerically. The data acquisition is carried out on the CAN, on the serial measuring bus (SMB) and on FlexRay™.


  • Measurement and evaluation of gathered data
  • Supports measuring instruments on SMB, CAN and Ethernet
  • Access to measurement values of ECUs via CAN (CCP/XCP) and FlexRay™
  • Graphical and numerical presentation of data
  • Load A2L description files to gain access to ECU information and measurement values
  • Data processing and analyzing functions
  • Online measurement
  • Define triggers based on events or time to start and stop measurements
  • Standards: CANdb, MDF, MCD-2-MC, CCP, XCP



  • Powerful, flexible, adaptable and storable user interface
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Clear and intuitive operations
  • Fast and simple configuration
  • Interaction with DiagRA® D and DiagRA® C for the diagnostics and calibration