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Silver Scan-Tool

Data Sheet

Download data sheet in US Letter format here.


The Silver Scan-Tool™ (SST) software provides test functionality for onboard diagnostics according to SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO 27145.

Fields of Deployment

Silver Scan-Tool™ has been developed for OBDII, EOBD, HD-OBD and WWH-OBD diagnostics and provides all necessary functionality required for testing the compliance with these standards. All emission relevant ECUs like engine and transmission that support these standards can be selectively diagnosed. The SST is fully compliant with the SAE J1979, SAE J1939 (HD-OBD) and ISO 27145 (WWH-OB) standards.

Hence Silver Scan-Tool™ can be used to perform OBD tests on all motorcycles, passenger cars, as well as all light, medium, and heavy duty trucks, so long as they fulfill the legal OBD requirements.

Basic Functions:

  • OBDII/EOBD scan tool function according to ISO 9141-2/SAE J1979, ISO 14230, ISO 15765-4 (CAN), SAE J1850 PWM (Ford) and J1850 VPW (General Motors)
  • Support for all 10 services (including Mode A) is defined as well as all subfunctions (PID´s)
  • Support of the extended PID´s in the service $01
  • All relevant ECUs which respond to the request of the scan tool are displayed automatically
  • Provides a professional overview of the supported services and subfunctions
  • HD-OBD scan-tool function following the SAE J1939 standard
  • Functions to support the WWH-OBD (World-Wide Harmonized OBD) according to ISO 27145
  • HD-OBD and WWH-OBD data are arranged in functional groups such as: Readiness, Current Data, Fault Codes, Freeze Frames, Test Results, Tracking, and IUMPRs
  • Graphical view of measured values including bit values (e.g. Readiness in service $01)
  • Recording and analyzing functions
  • Export of the measured values into different formats such as CSV or MDF (DAT)
  • Automatic test cycle assistant for self-defined and standard curves such as FTP75, ECE, MVEGA or MVEGH. Different Service $01 PIDs can be selected as reference values (e.g. Vehicle Speed, RPMs, etc.)
  • Windows interface for J1699-3 test sequence and logfile formatter
  • Real-time communication monitor function with message filter
  • Function to send self-define sequences of diagnostic messages

J1699-3 Test Sequences

Based on an open source (GPL) DOS tool we offer a Windows interface for the test sequences of the SAE J1699-3 OBDII compliance test cases within the Silver Scan-Tool™. This provides a test for the SAE J1699-3 examination while staying in the well known windows environment.
The test run examines the emission relevant OBD functions and ensures that the minimal defined data set of the SAE J1979 standard is passed on to any compliant OBD diagnostics scan-tool. The conformance test is based on "Key-On Engine-Off" (KOEO) and "Key-On Engine-Running" (KOER) sections. It is divided into a static and a dynamic test. For communication during the test PassThru interfaces are used according to SAE J2534.

The log file formatter provided can be used for the complex analysis of the log files and processing them into XML files. The SST offers an option to prepare them for a clear presentation in the browser or as a pdf file. The pdf files contain the original content of the log files and links to the original sections in addition to the visually enhanced data.

The open source tool is supported and is the only available tool certified by the SAE. The SAE J1699-3 extension module is made available free of charge as an additional function in accordance with the regulations of use of open source software. As we are not the authors of this tool we cannot guarantee the future of this function. However, we will maintain and adapt this module as long as economically feasible and technically meaningfully.

SAE J1939-84 Test Sequences: 

RA® offers a tool to execute the SAE J1939-84 OBD communications compliance test cases for heavy-duty components and vehicles. It is included in DiagRA® D and the Silver Scan-Tool™.

The official tool for SAE J1939-84 allows the execution and documentation of the full test cycle. In addition to the standard descriptions of single test cases are also contained. The single test cases are a combination of multiple test steps which are grouped depending on their functionality, e.g. consistency testing of fault memory, consistency testing of measurement values or a plausibility check of the vehicle identification number. DiagRA® D and the Silver Scan-Tool™ now contain the functionality to execute these single test cases individually. DiagRA® D contains an additional implementation by RA® of the test steps 6.1-6.12.

Communication Interface Hardware:

For diagnostics on the CAN bus special CAN interfaces are required to connect the computer to the CAN. Some of these devices like the Basic+ XS and the LiteXS of I+ME Actia or the CAN adapters from Kvaser are available directly through us. Additionally all PassThru interfaces that support the J2534 and all interfaces, which use the RP1210 API are supported. Some of the interfaces above can also be used for diagnostics on K-Line systems. You will find more detailed information on the hardware page on our website. If you are already using a communication interface please feel free to inquire whether it is supported by our Silver Scan-Tool™.