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RA ODX Viewer

Data Sheet

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RA ODX Viewer

RA® ODX Viewer Next Generation

Display and filter diagnostic data from ODX containers and export to various target data formats.


  • Supports the ODX standards 2.0.1, 2.1.0 and 2.2.0
  • Manufacturer specific configurations
  • Import of PDX containers
  • Display of parameters and their calculations in a seperate detail window
  • Freely definable, storable filters and views
  • Export of data to various output formats like CSV, XML and PDF
  • Integrated structural view through ODX Explorer
  • Rapid loading even of large PDX containers
  • Modern user interface for a clear overview and fast access to all data
  • Separate tabs for the display of:
    • Error codes
    • Services
    • ODX diagnostic objects grouped by semantics
    • Environment variables / freeze frames
    • Document revisions
    • Communication parameters
    • ODX Explorer

ASAM MCD-2D (ODX), ISO 22901-1

ODX data is automatically displayed as an XML structure according to the OEM´s authoring guidelines and can be used through direct transfer or via database exports.
The development engineer or the technical support in customer service are asked frequently which parameter set the available version of the ODX data set contains. This information is required, for example, to be able to evaluate suspected inconsistencies of readings.

These can be found in the authoring system to which only a limited number of people have access to. There was a general interest in a simple software that  provides the user with a clear overview of all the information contained in the ODX data set without requiring detailed knowledge of its actual structure.

The RA® ODX Viewer was created as a result of many customer requests. After the import of PDX or ODX containers, it displays the error codes, measuring values, routines, actuators and coding values in tabular form that these files contain. The SDG (Special Data Groups) are displayed, too.
Various views of the data can be created by using filters. The views based on these filters can be adapted to individual preferences and stored in a configuration. They can be adapted to the needs of developers, customer service or approval authorities depending on the respective needs. The data can be exported for documentation purposes or for forwarding to third parties. The export can be performed as universal XML, CSV file and when customer specific style sheets are available, as a PDF file.
The RA® ODX Viewer can be adapted to the specific features of the ODX structures used by vehicle manufacturers by using individual configuration files. The interpretation of the ODX containers and the display of the ODX data on the user interface is parameterized based on services and their semantic attributes.