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Silver Scan-Tool 6.26.37
DiagRA D 6.26.37
DiagRA MC 3.26.37
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DiagRA D

Data Sheet


Driving Cycle Assistant
Scan-Tool Mode1

DiagRAź D is the diagnostic option of the DiagRAź MCD Toolset for the gathering of diagnostic data from vehicle control units.

The three main supported functions are:

  • Scan-Tool
  • OEM Specific Workshop Diagnostics
  • Advanced Developers Functions


More than 30.000 registered users trust in the potency of the tool.

NEW!!!: Newly devoloped functions to support the WWH-OBD (World-Wide Harmonized OBD) according to ISO 27145

The features

  • OBDII/EOBD/HD-OBD/WWH-OBD Scan-Tool in accordance with SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO 27145, workshop-tester and extended functions for developers
  • K-Line, CAN and FlexRay
  • Support of all common diagnostic protocols including UDS
  • Convenient functions to save data and to record measurements
  • Optional plugin for flash programming using KWP2000 (K-Line, CAN TP2.0 and ISO-CAN), UDS (ISO-CAN) and UDS (FlexRay)
  • Driving cycle assistant for standard and self defined driving cycles like  FTP75, ECE, MVEGA or MVEGH
  • Remote control hte application via DDE- and ASAP-3-interfaces or via the additional WebServices plugin according to ASAM HIL-API
  • Send and receive CAN messages without diagnostic communication
  • The optional plugin DiagRA Script enables the creation and execution of self defined scripts. Based on its own simple scripting language the user is able to integrate diagnostic services, user in- and outputs as well as all DiagRA functions (e.g. flash programming) into scripts.
  • The optional plugin DiagRA-Offline allows the import of DiagRA-D-logfiles as well as logfiles from other data loggers into DiagRA D. Afterwards the export to the DiagRA D XML-format is possible.


  • Straightforward ECU diagnostics for developers
  • ECU communication with low hardware requirements
  • Simple, intuitive use
  • Extensive context sensitive assistance
  • Compatible with DiagRAź M and DiagRAź C for measurments and calibration


Optional DiagRA D Plugins:

  • DiagRA Flash-Plugin for flash programming of ECUs.  For the purchase the approval of the supported OEM is mandatory.
  • DiagRA Web-Services for the remote control of DiagRA D via webservices
  • DiagRA Script for the definition and use of self created scripts based on the DiagRA D scripting language
  • DiagRA Offline for the transformation of logfiles from data loggers into the DiagRA D XML-format