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IAV Macara

Data Sheet


Editing, valdating and visualizing calibration parameters

In today’s development projects, calibrators are confronted with a huge number of projectspecific parameters – nowadays, for example, the software for diesel engine control units can involve over 60,000 controlled variables.
Based on the experience gathered by IAV engineers, the IAV Macara development tool provides a clear overall picture of the calibration process, helping to complete it quickly despite this immense complexity. The tool helps the calibration engineer to visualize and analyze the calibration data and assists by providing interfaces to other systems, a clearly structured visualization of the calibration data and automated processes.

Main properties:

  • Open data sets from multiple file formats: A2L/hex, A2L/S19, DCM, PaCo and CDFX
  • Data set selection from a central tree structure, combining local and network sources and systems like IAV Xingu and others
  • Handle multiple data sets within one project
  • Differences between the data sets are colour-highlighted
  • Several 2D/3D graphics options
  • Use of metadata, such as degrees of maturity and calibration history when using PaCo and CDFX formats
  • Functions analysis supported by displaying information from measurement variables and calibration parameters
  • Many sorting and filter options:
    - Label types
    - Comparison status
    - Functions in an A2L file
    - Responsibility matrix (RASIC)
    - Search terms
    - Label lists LAB, DCM, PaCo, CDFX
  • Simple editing of calibration values graphically of numerically, save option can be activated on customer request
  • Export to Excel for comparison results

RA Consulting is authorized reseller for IAV Macara.