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Silver Scan-Tool 6.29.37
DiagRA D 6.29.37
DiagRA MC 3.29.37
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DiagRA C


Important Notice: Our products DiagRA® M and DiagRA® C will be phased out on December 31st, 2017. There will be no further development or updates after this date. If you are interested in, or have been using these products we invite you to take a look at our new product, DiagRA® X. Licenses of DiagRA® M and C that have an active maintenance subscription are eligible for a free update to DiagRA® X on January 1st, 2018.

Before switching to DiagRA® X, please make sure this change is suitable for your specific needs. Although we strive to include all features of DiagRA® MC in DiagRA® X, certain aspects and features may differ.

Should you choose not to update to DiagRA® X, your existing licenses of DiagRA® MC will continue to work without any new updates.

DiagRA® C is the adjustment option of the DiagRA® MCD Toolset or calibrating control unit parameters. For the economical calibration over CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol) DiagRA® C is exactly designed in functionality and operation to the need of calibration engineers and controller developers.


  • Mobile control unit calibration  
  • Graphical and tabular representation of characteristic curves and fields
  • Ergonomic characteristic field editor  
  • Clear editor for the structured parameter adjustment of the DFPM (Diagnostic Fault Path Manager)
  • List, comparisons and a combination of adjustment data
  • Online adjustment capabilities
  • Standards: CCP, MCD-2, DCM, ODX



  • Powerful calibrations tool
  • Flexible, adaptable and storable user interface
  • Minimum hardware requirements  
  • Minimum familiarization time because of intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Compatibility with DiagRA® D and DiagRA® M for diagnostics and measuring