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CalveRA - Knowledge based validation of parameter data sets in the control module application

Calvera is a standard software for the knowledge based validation of parameter data sets in the ECM application. The software was developed in cooperation with the IAV GmbH and is being used successsfully in their calibration department. The specialized knowledge is put into CalveRA by experts who are working with special limited parameter sets. Development engineers from different project can then use this special knowledge as well. The information inside the system can be used to build reference parameter sets which can be used to validate the development results of the engineers. In this way, the experiences gained in past projects can be used further on. Additionally the reference data sets can be used as calibration suggestions and in this way are benefitil for new projects.

The existing labels (parameters) are being linked with functions inside CalveRA. For the calibration of each function there is usually one expert responsible. When using CalveRA these data can be used by all members of the project and even used in other projects. The labels are being linked with one or more criterias, depending on their dependencies. Specific characteristics of one criteria are called variants. In this case e.g. the eningine power 55KW and 75 KW are variants of the engine output power and therefore adjustments need to be maintained in all related labels. Labels can be of course dependant on several criterias. For each label, the responsible expert maintains the calibration data for each relevant criteria-variant-combination for which he has the complete responsibility. For changes in the calibration data, a complete history about all data that was available in the past including the reasons for the changes is of course available.

The knowledge inside CalveRA can be used by defining projects. A project is compeletely defined, if for each criteria a corresponding variant has been selected. With this information CalveRA is able to create a reference data set for exactly this project. This reference data set can the be compared to the new data set which has been developed by the engineers. The differences then need to checked for their plausibility. Afterwards the data set can either be adjusted or the data inside CalveRA needs to be corrected or extended.


  • Knowledge is available to all project memebers online
  • Protection of the data and the expert knowledge
  • High test depth by testing the almost complete data sets
  • Avoidance af recurring mistakes
  • Option to define cross links between single parameters
  • CalveRA grows with increasing complexity of the system
  • Traceability through change history