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News Story DiagRA Embedded

Our DiagRA Embedded component provides a complete diagnostic stack as well as ECU flash programming on both Windows and embedded Linux devices. As a component library, it provides a C/C++ API. As a standalone version it is available with an integrated web server providing ReST and SOAP APIs. The following diagnostic standards are currently supported: […]

ODX for Diagnostics Developers

This training is designed to convey basic knowledge to interpret ODX description datasets. Another key focus is building knowledge towards PDX data containers, correlations, diagnostic services, diagnostic objects (measurement values, event memory, routines, acutuator tests), parameters, and conversions within the ODX file. Important note: Due to the ongoing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, we […]

Customized Training

If you are interested in an inhoue training class by one our professional RA® instructors at your own location we are happy to offer you customizable trainings worldwide. You may define the focus and the style of the class. Whether you would like to have a hands on training outside in a car or a […]